How start your business with Global Source Clone Script for Online B2B Marketplace Website requirements?


The eCommerce marketplace script helps you to own a website, the marketplace website is used to buy and sell websites, domain names and apps. Now-a-days many websites have been developed across the world and everyone wants to sell websites due to lack of time and all choose to buy the ready-made script instead of developing of their own. You can earn money for buying and selling of the website every time with this buy and sell marketplace script, which is a ready-made script.

In Global Sources Clone Script, the user can also view the buying and selling, leads with member plan details & member profile status and leads having more details with images and user can have inquiry option, the user can search by category, member name, country, product name and keyword etc. The company details are stored on the secured database with request submission to the admin and the admin can have the control to access the entire site, the admin will accept/decline the company profile by following exact terms and conditions by submitting perfect user and company profile.

In our Global Source script the user can have the able to inquiry their required product by adding their names, required product information, and details, here the user can have simple log-in, user-friendly option and the user have quick search option for the needed product.

Features of Global Source Clone:

  • ·         Advance Search option
  • ·         Featured Listing
  • ·         Product with various category
  • ·         Latest product listing
  • ·         Product by location
  • ·         Manage product listing
  • ·         Different type of membership plans
  • ·         Expired listing
  • ·         Social Sharing
  • ·         Product with clear details
  • ·         Google map integration
  • ·         Inquiry option
  • ·         Can Report about product
  • ·         Listing management
  • ·         Comments
  • ·         Ad management
  • ·         CMS management

Business model of Global Source Clone:
Global Sources is an example of B2B method of e-commerce. It works on Business-to-Business INTERMEDIARY MODEL. This model is also known as “ELECTRONIC EXCHANGE”. It provides as an exchange for purchase and sale of products and services between buyers and suppliers worldwide and interfaces all supply chain management phases between them. It keeps wide-ranging database containing details of export products and suppliers. Global sources are known as horizontal distributors and distribute products and services at different exchangeable prices.

Revenue model of Global Source Clone:

  • ·         Per trade commission
It means that for every supplier on the confirmation of a deal will pay an exact amount of money to global sources. In this way, even if the registration for the buyer’s and suppliers is free global sources produce money from the successful transactions happening through the site.
  • ·         Advertisements
The other source of revenue is by ads posted on the website.


We have thoroughly designed, intelligently coded and we have tested it very well to keep you passionate about your business. Spend less time and effort on the technology and build your business through Global Source Clone.

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